We offer our services only based on our own Rules of business. An extract of our Rules of business is shown on this page. If you want to check the complete list of rules please call us. We will send it to you per fax - but sorry, in German language only.

1. The KGB Locationservice negotiates with persons or authorities having access and the right of disposal to certain locations, in the name and on behalf of its clients. All fees, permits, dates etc. arranged with those persons or authorities are not binding upon those persons or authorities unless a written contract is signed by both sides or the fees demanded by those persons or authorities are paid by the clients of KGB Locationservice. Therefore the clients of KGB Locationservice have no legal demands for any sort of fulfilment of the agreement reached between KGB Locationservice and the persons or authorities who have access and the right of disposal to the chosen locations unless the clients have paid the full locationfee or a contract is signed by both sides.

2. KGB Locationservice hands over photos and other informations about locations to its clients only for a single use to fulfill a job. Clients have no right to book locations based on these informations without the knowledge and the agreement of KGB Locationservice.

3. For every assignment the KGB Locationservice claims a fee that is normally based on an estimate and agreed upon with the client before the job is being started. This fee must be paid in any case, plus expenses. The client has no legal right to cancel or alter the fee if the job fails or is cancelled by the client before it is finished. There is no guarantee of success.

4. With every assignment our clients accept our Rules of business without any alterations and as part of the assignment. Assignments do not need to be confirmed in writing to be effective.

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